Upgrades :
Pool & Spa Construction & Additions

Water Features. Colored Lights, Salt Systems, Automation System ,iPhone Compatible Gazebo Construction Custom Coping, Plaster Resurfacing ( Colored, Quartz, Pebble) Heater Installations Energy Efficient Pool & Spa Pumps With Rebate VBG Split Drains Custom Design Pools

Chemical Check:

We check to see if all your chemicals are in balance. We monitor pH, alkalinity, free & total chlorine, TDS, cyanuric acid, phosphate level, calcium hardness, and salt. This is to ensure that the pool is clean, and in perfect measure.

Net and Vacuum:

We net & Vacuum any debris present.Insects leaves, and other objects can and will get into your pool water. Using a skimmer and an underwater vacuum, we make sure your pool is spotless.

Brush Tile and Pool Walls:

We make sure to brush tile to help preserve & maintain a clean look. If your pool is plater or Fiberlgass we brush with the appropriate brushes , to prevent any buildup.

Empty Baskets:

The skimmer, pump, and leaf canister all are serviced on our visit.

Inspect All Equipment:

We Inspect everything to make sure it is all in working order. The automation controls, pumps, filters, heaters, salt systems, chlorinators, blowers, lights, auto fills, actuator valves, and automated cleaners all get inspected to ensure proper working condition.

Adjust Speed Pumps and Time Clocks For Pool Pumps & Lights:

Depending on the time of year or for daylight savings, we adjust automated systems as needed.

We typically service pools 1-2 times a week throughout the year, commercial accounts we recommend 2-3 a week. After visiting, we put in the effort to make sure that all gates are closed or locked as needed. consultation today